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Atlantic Rain Forest - South East Brazil

Serra dos Tucanos Field Guide and DVD

Field guide to the Birds of Serra dos Tucanos

To assist you in the identification of the birds during your stay we have published a small pocket sized field guide. The Birds of Serra dos Tucanos by Ber van Perlo and Andy Foster illustrates the Serra dos Tucanos checklist (over 450 species) together with a brief description of each species. Many of our guests have found this field guide a valuable tool in identifying the various species that are to be found within the local area. It is available through pre-ordering only, please contact us for further details.

The plates below are taken from the field guide.

Please note that this is currently out of print.




"Birding Brazil - the Atlantic Rainforest" - DVD

We are pleased to be associated with a birding film made at Serra dos Tucanos featuring our environment & the Lodge's excursions. " Birding Brazil - the Atlantic Rainforest" is a new birding DVD from birder & wildlife film-maker Malcolm Rymer.

"...Beautiful but bizarre birds - goat-eyed, bar-coded bills..." a description that captures the very essence of just one of the very special birds - the spot-billed toucanet - that Malcolm and the team were striving to find here in the Atlantic Rainforest of South-eastern Brazil. The filming location was based at Serra dos Tucanos Lodge in the Tres Picos State Park which gives ready access to this ever increasingly popular, endemic-rich rainforest environment.

"Birding Brazil", filmed over two extended trips, incorporates a wide range of species from a diversity of habitats found on typical guided excursions from the bird lodge. The film features the birdlife of the lodge's productive grounds and surrounding forest. The team treks several different rainforest trails, birding more open high elevation terrain, visiting lowland wetlands - including great views of the sought-after Three-toed Jacamar. The two hour birding travelogue features 150+ bird species typical of the region, including footage of 47 endemics.

The film has been produced to appeal to both the newcomer to South American birding as well as the more experienced neotropical birder and, of course, the perfect reminder of your stay at Serra dos Tucanos Lodge.

Available in European PAL or US NTSC formats.

Please contact us for purchasing details.

Further reading.

Other field guides that may be useful to you during your stay at Serra dos Tucanos are as follows, they are all available in our lodge library, alternatively you can purchase them before coming!

A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil. Ber van Perlo.

Birds of South America: Passerines. Robert S Ridgely and Guy Tudor.

All the Birds of Brazil: An Identification Guide. Deodato Souza.

Collins Field Guide to the Birds of South America: Non passerines: From Rheas to Woodpeckers. Jorge R Roderiguez Mata, Francisco Erize and Maurice Rumboll.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Brazil: Including the Pantanal and Atlantic Forest. Clive Byers.

Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide. Louise H Emmons and Feer Fran├žois.

The Birds of South America: Volume 1 - The Oscine Passerines. Robert S Ridgely and Guy Tudor.

The Birds of South America: Volume 2 - The Suboscine Passerines. Robert S Ridgely and Guy Tudor.

Avifauna Brasileira: Guia de Campo Avis Brasilis: The Avis Brasilis Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil. Tomas Sigrist.

Guia de Campo: Aves da Grande Sao Paulo. Edson Endrigo


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