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Atlantic Rain Forest - South East Brazil

Useful Info

The following information should help to answer any questions that you may have about the lodge and other issues. However, should you have any further questions then do please contact us.

Timing your visit:

A trip to South-East Brazil is good at anytime of the year! It all depends what you are after species wise and what kind of temperature and weather you prefer to go birding in! Basically, from late October to the end of March is our summer time. Many of the birds are breeding and there is more vocalization, territories marked out and some nest sites staked out. There is less evidence of mixed flocks at this time of the year but other species are easier to find as they are calling more often. During the other months (April - September) temperatures are cooler and there is more evidence of mixed flocks, sometimes you just don't know where to look next! However, there are less birds calling during this period.


The climate in the Serra do Mar Mountains can be un-predictable, however, the following is meant as a guide to expected weather conditions. From late October - March we are in summer time, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 40+ degrees centigrade. From April through until October the climate is much fresher, especially June, July and August when temperatures at night can drop to around 2 degrees centigrade. Most rainfall is during the summer (November - March) with heavy downpours from late afternoon into the early evening. But we cant guarantee any dry periods... even in the dry season!

Water and drinks:

Water is supplied directly to the lodge from a natural spring, this is treated with chlorine. We provide mineral water free of charge, please help yourselves from the machine in the dining area. There are three bottles of water in your room, after using these for the first time please re-fill them from the machine and take them on the excursions with you, this helps us cut down on throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles each year. We also offer available for purchase: Beer, Wine, Fruit Juices, Coca Cola, Guarana, Sprite and a collection of spirits. Please note that drinks purchased outside the lodge may not be consumed on the premises. For those of you that like coffee or tea outside of lodge catering hours or on the excursions we suggest that you bring a thermos flask or similar that can be topped up from our machine.


The power supply to the lodge is 220 volts, if you need to re-charge cameras etc you will need a 2 pin plug converter suitable for southern Europe.

Vaccinations etc:

We recommend that you contact your local doctor or travel clinic for up to date advice.


We recommend that you bring lightweight clothing for your visits into the forest, quick dry trousers together with a long sleeved shirt is advisable, lightweight waterproof jacket for sudden showers together with walking boots or other comfortable footwear suitable for walking on trails within the forest. The trails can sometimes become slippery after prolonged rain.

For the evening we suggest jeans / lightweight trousers or shorts and maybe a sweater as some evenings can be cooler. In the winter months a fleece or similar is highly recommended. Swimwear if you are going to use the natural pool and flip flops or sandles can be useful.

We offer a laundry service at the lodge but unfortunately due to hygiene reasons we cannot wash any underwear or socks. The cost per item of main clothes is R$ 7,00, this includes washing and sun drying. Please note that due to our tropical climate it can take some time to sun dry any piece of clothing.


We have an extensive library available for guests at the lodge, some titles include the following:
- The Birds of South America (Volumes 1 & 2 Ridgely and Tudor);
- Parrots of the World (Juniper and Parr);
- South American Birds, A Photographic Guide to Identification (Dunning);
- All the Birds of Brazil (Souza);
- Birds in Brazil (Sick);
- Raptors of the World (Ferguson-Lees, Christie, Franklin, Mead, Burton);
- Woodpeckers of the World (Winkler, Christie, Nurney);
- Handbook to the Birds of the World, Volume 5 Owls - Hummingbirds (del Hoyo, Elliott, Sargatal);
- Tanagers (Isler, Isler);
- Owls of the World (Konig, Weick, Becking);
- Rails of the World (Taylor, Van Perlo);
- Swallows and Martins of the World (Turner, Rose).


It is Brazilian law that you carry your passport with you at all times whilst in Brazil, this includes going out on excursions. You may wish to take a photocopy before arriving in Brazil to carry with you on a daily basis. Please note that depending upon your home country you may need a VISA to visit Brazil. Please check before booking with your Brazilian Embassy if this is a requirement.

Insect repellent:

Please bring sufficient insect repellent with you for your visit.


Please let us know in advance of your visit if you are a vegetarian or if you have any special dietary requirements.

Internet and telephones:

We offer free WiFi internet connection for our guests (when working), you will need your own laptop to use this facility. Due to the location of the lodge not all mobile phones work in the immediate vicinity, all networks will function in the local towns as long as you have international roaming. Unfortunately the telephone at the lodge can only be used for emergency calls. We can send and receive e-mails on behalf of guests.

Re-confirmation of flights:

Please note that we can no longer re-confirm flights for guests. Most flights can be re-confirmed when you check in on your outbound flight.


We accept Brazilian R$, Euros and US$ cash for all local payments for drinks etc at the end of your stay with us. Please note that we do not accept Credit or Debit cards.To secure your booking we ask for a 50% non refundable deposit. Please see our booking conditions for further details.

Local transport:

Although we offer airport transfers some people prefer to travel independently. For those who wish to there is a bus from the center of Rio de Janeiro to the local town of Nova Friburgo, the cost of which is approximately R$40.00 each way. To take the bus from Rio you will need to take a taxi or local bus from the airport to the bus station. Once in the local town you will then need to take a taxi to the lodge. If you would like further details then please let us know.

For those hiring a car from Rio we will happily send you directions on how to get to the lodge.

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